in the end ep

by Kieron Wright Band

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released January 1, 2012

Kieron Wright, Rachel Edmondson, Matthew Critchley, Edward Chester



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Kieron Wright Band Sheffield, UK

Keep the Jeep Rollin'

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Track Name: in the end
it's springtime babe and we're splashing through the rain instead of catching sun rays but that's the world we're living in i believe in holding on for a long long time embrace the light it's going to get much brighter come on sweet southern lady said she'd be my guide in the end chaac is coming back again i'm on a hill with all my friends splitting mountains open with my axe made of jewels my angry lady tells me she gets to choose drown a while on chicken mile that's one way to make the news i believe we're holding on for the very last time embrace the light the world might set on fire but so what come on now pretty lady won't you be my guide in the end
Track Name: garlic
one more fuck you then hits hard on the cheek a violet eye lands square inside when he gets to release someone's called the police and the shouting in the street's going to rock me to sleep a shiny scar bite marks smashing vase bruised arm keep kicking on the front door "if you've got a warrant let me know" someone's called the police and the kicking on the door's going to rock me to sleep the violent sounds might be calming down as they drag him out on the street in his dressing gown a fiery lover disturbing the peace drive him away but i give them a week someone's called the police the shouting in the street the kicking on the door the slamming of bodies on the wall's going to rock me to sleep
Track Name: in the valley
in the valley feeling empty hardly need to think everything is warm and friendly blue sky inside down with the drink the valley makes me shiver an afternoon will shrink to the touch i might believe it's better to hide down with the drink somebody call a doctor or a nurse to heal the wounds from a violent explosion blue sky inside over too soon in the morning she's eroded one more course to take then another and another blue sky inside it's easy to shake